Help For Human Trafficking

Service providers in Guelph-Wellington know that a coordinated response to human trafficking is required to address the needs of trafficked persons. Many community-based organizations need to be involved, in order to assist victims with everything from safe housing, to health services to navigating criminal justice processes.

In response, the Guelph-Wellington Women In Crisis Anti-Human Trafficking Program provides: 

  • Supportive wraparound services for trafficked women: 
    • emergency shelter
    • counselling
    • accompaniment to appointments
    • court support
  • Referrals to and from community partners 
  • Building community partnerships, so to increase the network of supports to trafficked persons in the region
  • Outreach to trafficked survivors and at-risk communities 
  • Raising awareness of trafficking amongst members of the public 

Most people who used the services of the Guelph-Wellington Women In Crisis Anti-Human Trafficking Program (83% of respondents) reported that the program made a positive impact on their lives. Practical support provided by the program was particularly appreciated by trafficked survivors (100% of respondents). One survivor shared:

“I would not be where I am today without [Anti-Human Trafficking Counsellor] and the Anti-Human Trafficking Program. She provided a safe space for me to talk and process things at my own pace. Provided me access to services such as public health, housing connections, and gave access to clothes as well as hygiene products and more. I was shown true care here and support throughout my journey…I was offered a space where I didn’t have to give my name, ID, or anything identifying.”

–  (Anti-Human Trafficking Program client, 2019)

Many GWAC member agencies also contribute to the support of trafficked survivors. Every day, we are working together to bring together supports and resources that can help trafficked persons.

We Can Help

For support or more information on the Anti-Human Trafficking Program, contact us:

Anti-Human Trafficking Program:
519-836-1110 x 245

Marianne’s Place:

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