The Community Response Protocol

The Action Committee has collaborated to create two editions of the Community Response Protocol for Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. The Protocol outlines the best practices for all individuals and groups who may be directly or indirectly involved in working with people victimized by sexual assault and/or domestic violence.

The three main steps outlined for a consistent, caring and effective first response are:

  1. explaining confidentiality
  2. offering safety planning
  3. making appropriate referrals and providing follow-up support

The Protocol is intended as a best practice guide for all of the Action Committee agencies, as well as a resource for the entire community. The Action Committee works to train our member agencies on these best practices. Our goal is to ensure that no matter where a person who has experienced or is experiencing sexual assault and/or domestic violence turns in our community, there will be no wrong door.

This document is property of the Guelph-Wellington Action Committee on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. Permission is granted for non commercial reproduction related to education or community responding to domestic violence or sexual assault. We would gratefully appreciate acknowledgement of the source.

To read our Protocol, click here.