Counselor's Resource Guide


This guide was created by the Guelph-Wellington Treatment Centre for Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence at the Guelph General Hospital. It includes a list of counselling services, as well as resource lists for therapists, parents, teens and children on the topics of child sexual abuse, child physical abuse, emotional abuse, foster care and bereavement.

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Human Trafficking Support: Cheat Sheet

Are there “red flags”? Is it human trafficking? If yes, what can you do? The Human Trafficking Support: Cheat Sheet offers some good tips. 

A gender-inclusive response to COVID-19

As we adjust our work to reduce the spread of COVID-19 while still ensuring access to critical services, we are also trying to find ways to ensure important gender-specific information is available for communities across Ontario. After reviewing various public health notices and resources, Women’s HIV/AIDS Initiative (WHAI) has compiled the following list.

Domestic Violence First Contact Checklist

Any person in the community may come into contact with a survivor of domestic violence. 

Using the Domestic Violence First Contact Checklist as a guide, service providers can follow the procedures outlined below in response to a disclosure of domestic violence, ensuring that regardless of where a person or child discloses abuse, they will get a consistent and caring first response.


Common Reactions to Sexual Violence

It is important to remember that every person reacts differently to sexual assault. Here are some common reactions that survivors may experience following a sexual assault.

Identifying Abusive Behaviours

Abuse can happen in many different ways and to any kind of person. Violence can happen in heterosexual or same-gender relationships. If someone you know has experienced one or many of these, their relationship could be abusive.